Home Improvement: Growing Remodeling Trends for Homeowners

When homeowners enjoy the current location of their home, but wish to add more features or make changes to reflect their styles and preferences, often times they take the home remodeling route. This involves building on additions to the home or tearing down and rebuilding specific areas of a home, such as a kitchen or bathroom, in order to have its layout better suit the homeowner's taste. There are a couple of trends that are starting to become more prevalent in the home remodeling field; trends that homeowners might start paying more attention to and start making a part of their own homes in the near future.

The environment is becoming more of a focus in terms of traditional energy usage and the carbon footprint that homeowners are putting off. Many of these same homeowners are now seeing the potential value in what is called green remodeling; the process of replacing or rebuilding certain parts of the home in order to make them more eco-friendly. If these renovations are able to reduce traditional energy usage, they can sometimes pay for themselves after a few years. Likewise, they can also increase the value of your home to potential buyers who prefer homes with built-in green functionality as opposed to those that don't have it.

Another type of remodeling that is beginning to pick up steam is called age in place remodeling. This aims to remodel an existing home so that an older adult -- one who might otherwise make a move into an assisted living facility -- can continue living in their own home. Projects like replacing a tub with a walk-in shower, or installing wheelchair ramps in the place of stairs can fall under the category of age in place remodeling. These types of renovations are also useful if you have a living situation where older extended family members share a home with you.

And, of course, no discussion about remodeling projects is complete without mentioning bathroom and kitchen renovation projects. These projects have always been fairly popular, and they continue to grow. Kitchen projects like new countertop installations, or projects that make the floorplan more open can help add to your kitchen's look or make it feel less cramped. Bathroom projects can be taken a number of different directions; you could change out the type of bath or shower, expand the area of your bathroom, or even add features to make it more of a spa environment than a traditional bathroom. The sky's the limit.

Keep these remodeling projects in mind the next time you're thinking about renovating your home. Not only will they add to your quality of living, they can also increase your home's value to potential buyers in the future.

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2011 Top Trends in Home Renovations

Home renovations always seem to lead in one direction or another each year. What was hot and trending last year is no longer the norm this year and probably is not the following year, either. While trends do come and go, money is spent each year in different areas of the home and as homeowner, it pays to keep up with these trends.

You can use them to help build a bigger return on your investment of property by updating and renovating your home. This is how you can keep all the rooms and areas of your home looking great, while also keeping up the value of your property.

The top trends for 2011 have been projected to be smaller projects that are more necessary in nature rather than working on large-scale renovations.

Here are some 2011 Top Trends in Home Renovations

Bathrooms - The bathroom is a much quicker and less expensive renovation than other rooms in the house, in most cases. Renovating the bathroom can be as simple as putting in new tiling and flooring. The return on the investment can be much more than the cost of time and materials particularly if it is a DIY project instead of using a contractor.

Warmer Tones - It is has been very popular to be minimalist and to use whites and clean looks for homes. The new trend is moving away from that outlook and home interiors are becoming warmer. Instead of black and white floor tiles, warm tones of oranges and browns are taking their place. Carpeting is also becoming warmer along with painting and other upgrades and renovations. Simply switching out the flooring is a great return on the investment as buyers are looking for these warmer tones when they are considering their choice of home.

Immediate Repairs - If a home has repairs that are needed, they should be taken care of before renovating a room that does not have any issues. Simply fixing a leaking roof or replacing a cracked driveway can add thousands to the value of a home and are repairs that absolutely must be completed. These types of renovations are not as cosmetic as others but need to be completed nonetheless.

Create One Space - One of hottest trends this year is creating one large living space out of two or three smaller spaces. If the home has a small kitchen, living room and dining room, knock out the walls and create one large space that has a flow to it. This can also work in the bedroom that has an adjoining bathroom. Create a larger area by opening up the bathroom and only enclosing the toilet. Put in a Jacuzzi tub and an enclosed shower and you have more space and larger fixtures. This renovation also has a great return on investment and adds a great deal of value to the home.

The Green Theme - This is a trend that is continuing and getting more and more popular. Anyone who wants the best investment percentage and the highest return on their investment in their renovations is "going green". This means uses sustainable materials such as bamboo for flooring, water collectors for collecting rainwater for gardening and tri pane windows. Any type of energy saving renovation does increase the value of a home by a great deal. Some are more costly than others, but if a homeowner starts with small projects, in no time at all they can have a home that is worth much more and is much better for the environment.

Home renovations follow trends just as any other industry and the savvy homeowner knows that they need to stay on top of these trends if they want to increase the value of their house. Simply changing flooring colors or replacing a leaking roof can add thousands to the value of it. Do an assessment of your home today to see what types of changes you might make in keeping with the 2011 home renovation trends as well.

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Modern Home Remodeling Trends

Times are changing and more and more people are now requesting modern home remodeling styles. Most of those interested in modern home remodeling trends have similar interests, a simple, uncluttered and functional style with clean lines. The sudden popularity of modern styles in San Diego is brought about by the ease of relaxation in this kind of environment. If you are interested in a modern home remodeling style you will find many contractors who are will to take your project. This is because the style allows for the introduction of interesting features and creation of unique living spaces. Some of the major trends in modern home remodels include;

Fire glass
Contemporary designs in San Diego involve the creation of a focal point within the house. The fireplace is the best choice if you want to create a focal point in the house. Builders normally use large tiles and solid materials such as Cesar stone. However, fire glass is overtaking these two since it can cover natural gas burners. A good application for this would be a fireplace that forgoes the mantle and instead incorporates a pure wall of tiles. The hearth can be made from Cesar stone in a solid quartz surface. A mound of sparkling fire glass should be installed over H burners which produce soot free flames. The glass will get hot and radiate the warmth throughout the house.

Stainless steel
Stainless has gained a lot of use in many contemporary home remodels. One of the uses is stainless steel wire railings. The railings are made from tensioned steel instead of normal wood balusters. This assists in giving the home a modern high-tech touch. These are perfects especially on decks to preserve the view. Stainless steel is also used in remodel finishing. For instance stainless steel cabinet handles. These help to complement the style of the bathroom or kitchen. It also gives the room a clean fresh look since stainless steel is normally associated with being clean. The advantage of such handles is that they are perfect even for a traditionally styled kitchen. Stainless steel is also used to make kitchen tiles which give an instant appeal to your kitchen remodeling efforts. Making use of stainless steel in remodeling has caught the attention of San Diego.

Small elements
Apart from specific materials such as steel, modern home remodeling trends focus mostly on the small elements in the home. Even in cases of major remodels, small elements play a big role. Traditional house or kitchen remodeling styles usually concentrated on large pieces such as furniture. However this has proved hard to sustain in the long-term hence the sudden shift to small elements. Modern designers also realized that all their hard work may be ruined by the small details.

Apart from the professionals, homeowners carrying out their own DIY projects find the small elements useful since they do not require major tools or consume a lot of time to install. These elements are also cheap but have a big impact. Some of these elements include steel cabinet handles discussed earlier, lampshades and contemporary flower vases among other items. So if you were wondering what modern home remodeling trends involve you should realize that simplicity and attention to detail are the key factors.

New Home Remodeling Trends for 2012 and Beyond

The economic cold has shifted the home remodeling market from the extravagant and excessive to the practical and moderate. Homeowners used to demand grand foyer entrances and niches for displaying sculptural artwork. Now they are settling for spaces designed to accommodate sports equipment, schoolwork, or computers. Value and need are now driving the housing market and can be seen in the following home remodeling trends.

Drop Zones/ Mud Rooms - Most families enter and exit their homes through the garage so a mud room serves as a drop zone for "decluttering". These rooms are often small, sometimes only 10'x10' and can be combined with the laundry room. A drop zone contains cubbies for mail, hooks for backpacks, or a closet for winter clothing. This makes it easy for a family to keep organized during times of the days when kids are getting ready for school, when it's time to do homework, or a place to keep bills in line.

Open Family Rooms - A popular home trend for many years was the formal living room. This was often a room that was used very little, maybe just for the holidays if at all. Now homeowners view the formal living room as wasted space. The functional response is to create an open family room. An open family room will typically combine the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Spaces are often separated with furniture instead of walls. One room instead of many also has a positive effect on energy consumption, requiring less heat or A/C.

Lifestyle Center - Computers have become a household item, and it's not uncommon to place one in the kitchen. A lifestyle center is a place for kids to do homework, while mom or dad can make sure they aren't playing on the internet. It can also be used as a place to work from home and pay bills. Combing these functions into one area adjacent the kitchen, reduces the need for a formal office.

Large/Steam Showers - Soaking tubs used to be a must have for homeowners remodeling their bathroom. However, this was mainly a decorative piece for show and rarely used. Homeowners remodeling their bathroom now focus their budget on a larger and more comfortable shower. Steam showers have risen in popularity because they can be justified for their therapeutic effects. In addition to making a shower more comfortable, it's also common to see a shower with large benches and handle grip bars, making it easier for elderly to shower. This is a sign that more families are moving in together and may need to make accommodations for grandparents.

Outdoor Living Spaces - Builders are increasingly adding patio sliding doors with access to an outdoor patio. This creates an indoor/outdoor space that can make the house feel larger and serve as a secondary dining room. This can come in handy if the house is feeling a bit over crowded, especially in the great room where everyone congregates during peak hours.

At face value, these trends seem like a downgrade from the lavish lifestyles during the economic boom of the mid 2000s, but the recent downturn has forced all of us to reassess what is necessary and what is not.

A reassessment of values have created energy efficient homes that use less heat in the winter and A/C in the summer; open family rooms with enough space for generations of family to congregate; rooms that accommodate grandparents that might otherwise only visit during the holidays. Homes may appear to be downgrading in response to a harsh economic climate, but the recent remodeling trends show homes with an emphasis on family. Value and need have been driving the housing market, and would seem homeowners are finding value and need in family.

Rob Pankow is the owner of Pankow Construction, a leading Phoenix Home Remodeling Contractor. Pankow Construction has completed over 100 home remodeling projects around the Phoenix Valley since its inception in 2000.

Top Home Remodeling Trends

For many homeowners, remodeling offers a chance to improve their lifestyle. From bigger bathrooms and kitchens to greener living spaces, here are some of the latest trends in home remodeling and design options.

Lavishly expanded bathrooms. Master bathrooms are becoming an in-home oasis where people can go to and relax. Standard showerheads are being replaced with oversized rain showerheads, and those with the funds to do so are equipping showers with body sprays, steam showers, solid surface shower walls, and heated tile floors. Concrete flooring is additionally on the rise due to its reasonable cost. Stained concrete maximizes in-floor radiant heat and is a durable, easy-to-clean flooring solution that can refresh and update an entire look.

Larger, more functional kitchens. The kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare and eat meals. Today, it is also a place for gathering, doing homework and crafts, paying bills, and more. Kitchen remodels have expanded to include the addition of computer desks, comfortable seating areas, fireplaces, and huge islands. More and more mid-priced homes are opting for commercial-grade stainless steel appliances, and Viking stoves and Sub-Zero refrigerators are no longer only to be found in high-end homes. When it comes to cabinetry, maple and hickory are neck and neck with cherry wood in popularity, and the simple, sleek lines of Mission, Asian, and Shaker design can be found throughout the kitchen. Darker finishes are also a frequent choice for cabinets, with black and merlot the most popular.

Going green. The clunky solar panels of twenty years ago have been replaced by sleek integrated solar power systems that are capable of handling all the power needs of a house. More homeowners are looking to solar technology as a viable option, and it is even being integrated into the design of new homes. Some entire communities are cropping up with solar power as an available upgrade, and home remodelers can also add it easily. Sustainable living is proving to more than pay for itself, which makes it an even more desirable option for homeowners.

Neutral, down-to-earth colors. As homeowners continue to look to their homes as a place of refuge, natural and muted earth shades are being used in the home, making an appearance on walls, floors, and even cabinetry. Soft green tones, such as sage, have recently become a popular choice, particularly as an accent color on kitchen cabinets. The days of highly polished granite or porcelain tile are over, and flooring and countertop choices are also muted. In their place, soapstone and honed granite, as well as quartz countertops with matte finishes, are quickly becoming the standard choice of homeowners.

Decked out laundry rooms. The days of having an isolated laundry room in the basement are over as well. Filled with color and the best appliances, laundry rooms are becoming something of a status symbol. Families are spending more time in these larger laundry areas, doing more than just washing, drying and ironing. This room is now a place for completing messy chores, crafts, and gardening projects.

These are just five of the many hot trends in home remodeling. Before you begin any project in which you are unsure of where to start, don't hesitate to call a professional to give you design tips and construction management services.