Top 5 Home Based Franchise Opportunities Revealed

When one thinks of a franchise business, it seems the usual suspects automatically fill the mind, such as Subway, Pizza Hut, and of course, that "McBurger" place. However, as a franchise consultant, many of the candidates I talk to have zero interest in that particular business model. Recently, the trend I am seeing is one that offers flexibility, limited and controlled hours, and businesses that offer lots of family time. Oh, and something that doesn't require a million dollars up front. Home-based franchises are very sought after these days. The question then becomes: are there really such franchises available that offer the above?

The simple answer is "yes". There are plenty of those types of opportunities out there in various categories. Once you have decided to pursue a franchise that is home-based, you need to become crystal clear on the other elements that your business must possess before you can effectively choose the perfect one for you, and my job is to assist you in clarifying this.

Below are 5 hot franchise businesses that are home-based.

Handyman and Remodeling. As we all know, the housing market isn't great right now. Increasingly, homeowners are choosing to remodel or expand their current home, so if you're familiar with, involved in, or passionate about the building and remodeling industry, there are several great opportunities available in this field that you should consider. Some require extensive construction experience. However, with others, your role would be that of sales and marketing, so the actual labor is performed by contractors you work closely with.

Direct Marketing. Perhaps you have a special talent and a passion for marketing. You could run your own local marketing consulting company out of your home office. Your role would be to help local businesses succeed by providing integrated direct mail, online and mobile marketing solutions that help business owners target and retain more of the right customers.

Home Improvement. Maybe you would enjoy making sales presentations to homeowners looking to replace their worn carpeting or to upgrade their window coverings. The Home Improvement market is huge and continues to grow, with Americans spending more money on remodeling, renovating and decorating than ever before. You can run this business easily from your home, using a specialized van as your "marketing showcase on wheels". In many cases, this franchise category requires little if any experience, minimal staff, and a quick ramp up to profit. Not to mention a low investment requirement.

Pet Care. Do you love pets? Did you know that there are some fantastic pet franchises that you can operate from a home office, like pet cleaning and grooming, as well as dog training?

Automotive and Tools. Perhaps you are mechanically inclined or love automobiles. You could operate a mobile vehicle detailing franchise, where you would make "house" calls at local professional businesses to clean cars. Or maybe you know tools like Warren Buffet knows investing. How about a business to business tool franchise where you market specialized tools to automotive repair shops and professional technicians.

You get the idea. There are numerous, well-established, successful franchise opportunities that cater to those individuals that want to operate their business from the comfort of their home office. A knowledgeable franchise consultant can work with you in identifying the specific criteria you are looking for in your perfect business.

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